Find chargers

Find chargers that fit your needs: filter based on power type (AC/DC) and other useful features, or simply scan the QR code to start charging immediately.

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Use charger QR codes

One of the most convenient ways of starting a charge session is by using one of the QR codes we have attached to chargers around the world.

Scan the QR code

Scan the QR code on the charger using Charge Assist or your favourite QR app.

Press Start

Select one of the payment methods you have configured and press the big blue button at the bottom of the screen.

Charge away

Don’t forget to plug-in your cable before walking away!

All the bells and whistles

A feature set that keeps on growing.

Easy payments

We partnered with market leader Stripe to offer you a host of convenient payment options

International network

Charge Assist offers chargers from many international charge network operators to make charging possible in The Netherlands and abroad

Integration with EV charge card services

Add your EV charge card to Charge Assist and see information about charge sessions you start using that card!

Support for QR codes

Use the Charge Assist app when you see our QR code to charge even quicker


We do not store any payment details on our servers and treat any data you share with care

Priority charging

We combine easy with smart, by integrating smart charging algorithms that give you an extra boost when you are in a hurry


We support most modern payment methods.

Credit Cards

Apple Pay

Google Pay

EV Charge Cards

Where to get the app

You can download the app by scanning the Charge Assist QR sticker on a charger, or by using one of the buttons below.

What information does the Charge Assist app show?

It enables you to find chargers that fit your charging needs and shows you information regarding supported features, tariffs and how to navigate to the charger of your choice.

What other things can I do with Charge Assist?

We like to keep things simple, but that doesn't mean we haven't added some nice bells and whistles along the way. Priority Charging allows you to indicate that you are in a hurry, moving you forward inside the charging queue.

Where can people use Charge Assist?

Charge Assist is available on chargers in Europe and Asia that are connected to the GreenFlux platform. The Charge Assist network is continuously expanding, so be sure to check availability in your area.

Why can't I see tariffs when I select my EV charge card?

EV charge card service providers, like NewMotion or EVBox, apply additional costs and subscriptions that can vary per charger. It's not possible for Charge Assist to display this correctly. When you select another payment option, you will see the actual tariffs, but they might differ from the price your charge card provider is charging.

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